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Jetpack is a classic mini-scale platform game from 1993 that combines arcade action with puzzle and strategy elements. The main character collects gems from each level while using his jetpack and wits to avoid an array of creatures with different movement restrictions and intelligence. One of the most popular features of the game is the built-in level editor, which is simple enough for anyone to use, and some say even more fun than the game itself.

Fans have compared the game to the older small-scale classic platform games Lode Runner™ (written by Douglas E. Smith and released by Brøderbund, sometimes misspelled Load Runner), and Jumpman™ (written by Randy Glover and released by Epyx).

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Jetpack was written by Adam Pedersen and released by Software Creations, and quickly became the top seller for its publisher out of 70 titles. Jetpack is popular internationally, and a German language version was released shortly after the English version. A special Christmas edition of the old game was also released in late 1993, where the Jetman became Santa Claus distributing presents. Initially a shareware game, in 1994 Jetpack was adapted to a boxed version for retail stores. No photos of the original boxes are known to exist. In 1994 Software Creations transferred their software line to the short-lived Impulse Games. In 1998, Jetpack reverted back to the author's company, Adept Software, and became freeware. Since 1998 the free platform game Jetpack has received over 1 million downloads from Thousands of levels have been created by fans around the world, and teachers have been reported to use the editor in class as an introduction to game design for their students.

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Fun Facts

Jetpack 2

Jetpack 2 has long been considered abandonware or vaporware, since early versions of the original proclaimed "Look for Jetpack 2 soon!", with promised release dates changing from 1995, to 1999, to 2001. Finally, in 2010, the 17-year run of vaporware is at an end! Since the new release of Jetpack has taken so long, it's no longer being titled Jetpack 2, but simply "Jetpack" again - a future title may bear the name Jetpack 2 (no promises this time!)

The new Jetpack will be released around July 2010. It will have many exciting new features, including new levels, high resolution graphics, realistic physics, and locational audio. The game is being developed openly, with public input welcomed. You can play the latest work-in-progress, and comment on the development blog.

The new Jetpack will be integrated with a repository for fan-created content at All levels created in Jetpack will be saved to JetpackHQ, and automatically shared with friends & other players.