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#843 Release Notes, Jan 12

Posted by Juan G on 22 January 2014 - 03:05 PM

* Adjusted scoring, the more achievements you get at once, the better score.  See in-game help.
* Improved collision damage detection
* Due to flash bugs, I had to create my own ui buttons
* The time icon now turns yellow when you miss the master time, and red when you miss the par time

* The game now has its own preloader screen, with tips


Update Released
* Changed how the journal works, please delete all old saved games.  The journal now shows proper keys even if you switch layouts.

Update Released
* Added bounce to some GUI elements, including help windows


All these changes are great. Well done, Adam!


* Now defaulting to the alt keyset (SPACE to fly), for the web platform


It's a bit strange that the alternate keyset is now the default one. :P


> Music still doesn't restart, when pressing enter before the dying music has ended.

I can't repro this, please provide more info if possible.


This happens to me too. The level music is turned off if you die and press Enter fast enough, even before the dying music starts.


* Added a tutorial level, and using the help system in addition to the journal


The tutorial level is OK, but now the game has a tutorial level and an introductory level, which is a bit repetitive. You get too many pop-ups in these two first levels (help system & journal), and some of them explain exactly the same things. Why don't you make the first level easier and remove the tutorial?


If you want to keep both levels, then the tutorial level should be moved outside the mission pack, so at the start of the game you can choose among the 3 mission packs and the tutorial. This would also allow experienced players to skip the tutorial. Just my opinion. :)

#841 Level comments

Posted by Juan G on 22 January 2014 - 01:54 PM

Missile Maze: There used to be no spears around the lower teleport, I don't get how you get the idol now.

Missile Maze: I figured the blue switch/idol out. Maybe there could be more spears around the lower teleport, because with just the two of them, I tried if flying very fast through them would work:]


Hi Illari. I never thought about using the teleporter invincibility to press the blue button until InsaneJetman told me, and that's why I added the spears. I'll add a text sign to make it more clear that you've to guide a missile to the button. And I'll also add more spears to make sure that you can't enter the teleporter flying fast enough! :) Thanks for your feedback!

#431 Release Notes, March 9th

Posted by Juan G on 24 March 2013 - 01:01 PM

Wow, you've done an excellent job putting all the features together. The tile group system is very powerful, although the Tile Group dialog is a bit hard to understand.

These are some bugs:
> When I try to create a new folder or delete an existing folder, Error #1009 shows up and no changes seem to be done to the folder list until the next time I load the entire editor.
> Has the trackbot movement be tweaked in the last release? When a trackbot is on a ladder it doesn't seem to track Jetman correctly. See the "STRANGE TRACKBOT BEHAVIOR" bug level.
> Pressing Shift+E or Shift+I in a textbox shouldn't be considered as pressing an special key. The same happens with P while editing a text sign.
> After Jetman gets trapped with a block or a switch barrier, the jetpack can still be used pressing Shift or Ctrl. Jetman won't move but smoke will come out from the jetpack. See the "JETPACK AFTER BEING TRAPPED" bug level.
> Dead Jetman isn't removed from the screen when he stays on the floor. Try losing with the spring in the "LEVEL STATE AFTER CHECKPOINT" level.
> Open the Tile Groups dialog, choose one of the tile groups and click the Effect combobox. Without selecting an effect, close the dialog clicking the upper-right corner. The combobox items will remain visible.
> If a box is placed in free range mode partially over a box placed normally, the boxes will block themselves and don't fall. See the "BOXES BLOCK THEMSELVES" bug level.

Some other comments:
> The "SPRINGS ON CONVEYORS" and "BALLS GROUP AFTER STUNNER" bug levels were fixed. I've deleted them.

> When respawing from a checkpoint, everything in the level is reset except the starting location of Jetman. This can make some levels impossible to win. See the "LEVEL STATE AFTER CHECKPOINT" bug level for an example. Maybe the exact level state should be saved when activating a checkpoint and restored when respawing?

> It took me some time to realize that the Fade to Darken and Fade to Lighten tiles have 12 different positions. Why not splitting them into 3 tiles with 4 different positions each (like most of the other rotatable tiles have)?

> The achievements that consist on winning without doing something (e.g. without teleporting, without jumping, etc.) are completed only after Jetman exits the level. That's OK, but I think it'd be a good idea to notify the player when it becomes impossible to complete an achievement. Just a suggestion: the "winning without jumping" achievement icon could start mid-enabled and become completely disabled after Jetman jumps for the first time.