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#595 Bug reports for the October release

Posted by kirchheim on 17 October 2013 - 07:42 PM in Public Feedback

Couldn't start the game, I only get the message:

**** WARNING: uncaught error 2:SecurityError: Error #2149


Will try again tomorrow.

#542 Release Notes, May 1 / May 8

Posted by kirchheim on 09 June 2013 - 11:50 AM in Jetpack 2 News

I agree with Saga, I didn't like the fact not being able any longer to quit testing with one button push. I'd rather use another key for accessing the options menu (like F10), or even a key combination (like alt+o). A user interface always has its compromises but this one I didn't get quite comfortable with. Have to try the esc-Q combination a bit, perhaps that feels ok, but when I stop level testing I usually want to go back to building as fast as possible to keep the flow of ideas...

#531 Release Notes, May 1 / May 8

Posted by kirchheim on 12 May 2013 - 03:41 PM in Jetpack 2 News

I kind of like the principal idea that the level is not resetted on player death. This makes the game less static and players may be confronted with very different situations depending on what they have done and where they have died. Level design gets more interesting but also more difficult. I made some minor adjustments to my levels and think they should work ok so far. Mostly. There are problems when situations depend on freezers or invinicibility suits which are no longer there when you have used them and died. Also, you can't think of every possible situation and some levels will be affected very seriously by this change or even become unusable, so I don't know if this new feature will be the way to go. Pretty unusual for a game like that, like Saga pointed out. I like it, but it's a chaos factor (that's why I like it).


Got  some new errors while level testing. Some error message when I opened the tile picker, don't know where it was and what it said, didn't happen again. When starting level testing with the 'enter' key, the remaining gems in a level are no longer visible after death, meaning, only the pedestals remain as though they were already collected. They still can be collected, but you can't tell which are and which are not. Happens every time as far as I have observed. Strange.