Introducing the first official Jetpack 2 game alpha! It’s been a lot of work to get to this point, but we’re now within sight of the finish line. It will be a lot of work, but I’m hoping to have the full game done by Christmas.

This “Missions” game will be a limited web-only release, and is limited to the Cave/Industrial theme only.
Most of the game features are now in place, and there’s just a lot of tweaking left.

Please note, this release uses a subset of the database, so you will not see your levels from the main release.
The un-limited, full Jetpack 2 editor is now a separate file, and is members-only. If you are logged in, it will also appear on the same page.

The levels in this release are the official levels for the first release, but I only consider the first 4 to be “complete”. The others will need some fixing up, and many will need to be made easier to complete (adding checkpoints, replacing gems with treasure in difficult areas, making the harder parts achievements). If you edit one of the levels in the mission, the changes will not appear in the mission until the next release.

Major New Features

  • Mission map, and missions (level packs). This feature took a while to create, but I think it’s worth it, as it adds a nice new dimension to the game. You can’t create missions yet, but you can see how they work.
  • Game flow & ui almost complete

What’s Missing

  • Game progress is not actually saved yet.
  • I haven’t fixed all the items in the bug folder yet.

What Else is New

  • Backgrounds now work differently, and you can draw with the full screen backgrounds.
  • Added “Reset on Death” to level settings. Certain complex levels may be broken (can get into an unwinnable situation after dying) unless you select this. Note that if this is off, checkpoints don’t restore the starting level state, only fuel.
  • Added “create” tile group effect.
  • You can now add “@nodestroy@” to invisible triggers
  • Added ‘%’ to chars allowed in level title. These are the allowed chars: 0-9A-Za-z .,:;()+-=/%?!$”‘
  • Scaling bigger is now working well everywhere, except some masking is needed.
  • Keyboard & mouse wheel now work in the level browser.
  • Mouse wheel now rotates/alternates tiles
  • SHIFT+ESC quits playtesting immediately
  • Added alternate keyboard layout, to swap jet & phase keys
  • The Jetman anim has always been a bit blurry and jerky. I found way to rebuild the graphics much sharper, and smoothed the running animation.

Website Updates

I spent a week fixing up the website, all account functionality should now work properly between ips & jhq, like syncing usernames, etc. Please report any problems.
My IPS (Invision Power) upgrade license has expired, and I’m not going to renew again. It looks very professional on the surface, but inside it’s a massive pile of bugs, and the worst written code I’ve ever had to deal with.

PLEASE let me know if I’m missing anyone in the credits! This is a lot to keep track of.