Finally, you can create your own moving tile groups, something that I’ve been wanting to do since the days of Jumpman. The hidden rooms idea turned out pretty cool too, and allows for a feeling of exploration which can be tricky to achieve without scrolling. The release also now recognizes all achievements, and displays them in rough form in the level end stats.

You can find the latest release here. This will be the last editor release, except for bug fixes. You can comment on the new release here, but for questions or bug reports I recommend using the release notes topic.

This build targets Flash 11.2, so it should be working for our Linux users.

Now that the editor is done, I will be focusing on the game, which mainly consists of a lot of GUI stuff, and filling in a lot of little details like sound effects and death sequences. I’ve got a killer idea for the level selection screen (what I’ve been calling the Zone Map), the next release should have a preview of that.

Sorry for the long delay, I got wrapped up in making the ui system awesome, and also had some family and health issues slowing me down. Finishing the game is taking a bit longer than I expected, but I will not sacrifice quality to get there!

Please let me know if you find any big bugs or have trouble using the editor.

New Features

You can now see achievements live, and see scoring and rank when completing a level (including the effect of dying on your rank). This will help with setting par times and choosing achievements.

  • Tile groups UI. Make your own moving tile groups and concealed rooms.
  • Entirely rewritten GUI & visual system. Everything is style-based and skinnable. Everything GUI has changed, please let me know if there are any problems.
  • End level stats. Time bonus is based on seconds under par. Not pretty yet.
  • All level achievements are now shown on the bottom panel.
  • New achievement option for your levels: “Hidden Talisman”, along with new tile. This works well in conjunction with hidden rooms (rather than having to discover a single buried tile).
  • New Tile: Checkpoint. After death, Jetman will respawn at the last activated checkpoint.
  • I discovered that Linux only supports Flash 11.2, so now I’m targeting that version. All web builds going forward should work under Linux.

Note: The difference between reverse fade out, and fade in: In a conflict (tile is a member of more than 1 group), the more complete effect gets priority.
Note: The “fade to black/white/gray” tiles have been removed. They are now “fade to darken” and “fade to lighten”, as was originally intended. They were never meant to be opaque fades – I got confused.

Also, the web site should be significantly faster, since I’m now using CloudFlare.

Bug Fixes

There have been so many bug fixes, it’s easier to list what’s not fixed:

  • dead jetman is weird
  • ball alignment is messed up
  • some bug levels not fixed yet

I couldn’t reproduce the following (maybe already fixed):
* “Lately there’s a bug I noticed where the last tested games timer doesn’t reset. So upon starting a new level test, it keeps the old time plus the new games time.”
* “Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it’s a performance issue, maybe just a bug? Anyway, if you hold down shift to place a tile off-grid, and you move around the cursor while doing so, you will see that for first second or so the tile will follow the cursor instantly, but the longer you move the cursor around, the more the tile position will lag behind the cursor position.”
* “When playing the “Tubes of Turmoil” level in the beta sharing folder, i often get “error #1009″ when trying to phase one of the phase doors and using the jetpack at the same time.”
* “Big bug: If you fly or run fastly towards a cliff, you DIE! That just happended to me and is reproducable.”

“Bug Reports” Folder Levels

(Please delete the level when you confirm the issue is fixed)

ROBOTS + SLUDGE (kirchheim) – fixed
STUPID ROBOT (kirchheim) – fixed
MYSTERIOUS WALL REPULSION (Illari) – This is a bug in box2d, the same thing that causes boxes to sometimes catch on the edge of tiles that are supposed to be flush. I’ve spent many days trying to fix it, and I can’t seem to find a way.
INSANE BUGS (InsaneJetman) – fixed
FROZEN JETMAN (Saga Musix) – fixed
SPRINGS ON CONVEYORS (Juan G) – not seeing – fixed?
STUCK ON LADDER COVE (vielhuber) – fixed
BALLS GROUP AFTER STUNNER (Juan G) – not sure what to do about this.
CAN’T GO DOWNSTAIRS (Juan G) – fixed
SLIDING DOWN PROBLEM (Sentura) – fixed
BUGGY BADDIES (Robert) – fixed
TRACKBOT GETS STUCK (Saga Musix) – fixed

MISSLE SLUDGE BUG (Saga Musix) – todo
BALLS AUTO-ALIGN (Juan G) – todo

New UI Library

Just like with HTML, for greater control and maybe too much perfectionism, I prefer to create UI via code, rather than via a visual editor. In the beginning, I used the quick and dirty, create everything inline method. The new system is data-driven, cascading style based, skinnable, and much easier and faster to use.
This is the original code to build the tile picker:

And this is the new code:

And the corresponding default skin:

As you can see, the project-side code size has been cut in half, and is much more straightforward and powerful. The skin definition could be further improved with a css-style parser, but I think this is good enough for any future project.

With the new UI system, I was able to create the tile group effects dialog in under 3 hours.

Note: I discovered that the SWF for several of the old blog releases was missing, they have been restored. Please let me know if you find any others missing.