Ok, here it is. The surprise new features that will really set Jetpack 2 apart from the original.
The timing isn’t great. I really wanted to get this done earlier for the Kickstarter, but oh well.
Have I piqued your interest?

Please note: There’s no UI to create them yet, so you can’t create them now. The UI is the slow part.
You can play with what’s there only by saving that level, you can’t copy and paste to a new level.

  • Added tile groups
  • Added concealers
  • Added moving platforms
  • Added repulsor tile – wasn’t sure on this one, it’s a little buggy
  • White, black, and gray are available as backgrounds
  • Fixed lots of bugs
  • I love the fun design and signs in the bug levels! Makes fixing bugs fun Well, relatively.

New Forums

I’m liking the new forums a lot better for feedback. Still, feel free to leave comments here as well!