I’ve spent too many hours the last 3 weeks making JetpackHQ sentient. The website is now alive, that is it has a complete user authorization and account management system, and basic user profiles. This is a big step for the online part of the Jetpack project. If you have a blog account, your account has already been imported to JetpackHQ – just login with your email, not your username.

If you don’t have an account, I highly recommend signing up now. Your JetpackHQ account will be how you access exclusive content and share your levels, among other things. Also, the sooner you sign up, the more likely your chosen username will be available – every user now has a profile at www.jetpackhq.com/YourName

By far the hardest part of this project was integrating with Facebook. It was a nightmare, since their API’s are full of bugs and hardly anything seems to do what the docs say it will do. If you have a separate Facebook login, you can merge it with your JetpackHQ account, or remove it – just go to [NOW REMOVED]

This system is designed to be pretty robust but there may still be some bugs. If you find any, please let me know!

What’s New

  • Alas, nothing too exciting yet, unless you find SEO exciting. Most of the work is behind the scenes.
  • Sweet new insta-signup system in header, and on comment post
  • All blog comments now link to the author’s JetpackHQ profile, which doesn’t contain anything interesting (yet)
  • The following features have been tested but could use some additional poking around: verifying email, forgot password, changing email address, Facebook accounts.


Note – subscription management is currently down. I’m trying to decide whether to keep the blog subscription management, or put it into our account settings.
Is the ability to subscribe to certain types of blog posts useful to you? Would you rather get all blog posts via email, or none?

Update: You can now edit your blog subscription under settings.